Design & Development

iApps Technologies offers a professional and highly skilled development team, the best there is.
Join in on the success with Israel’s application guru, Ori Segal, iApps’ General Manager.

  1. Got an Idea for an App?

    Every great success story starts with a new and revolutionary idea!
    We will take your idea and apply our expertise to deliver the best possible product.

  2. Schedule a Meeting

    During our first meeting we format a preliminary and concrete layout that will enable us to turn the idea into an actual application.
    iApps’ UI/UX and Creative experts formulate the product’s development plan and a detailed wire-frame.

  3. Mobile & ServerSide Development + UI/UX Design

    Application development requires a combination of graphical interface design work, building client-side for mobile devices and cloud/server-side development.

  4. QA Testing

    To ensure that the application is working smoothly, we perform extensive tests on all application use-cases so the product is always functioning at the highest level.

  5. Customer Approval & App Launch

    After ensuring that the application operates exactly as defined, we submit the app to Google Play and Apple’s AppStore for an official launch.

  6. Mobile Marketing & PR

    This is the last stage in which the application is published, gains momentum and acquires Users.