iApps Technologies was founded in 2005. We provide an “umbrella” of synergistic business services for the world of mobile, including: application development for iOS and Android, server-side development, databases and advanced information systems, consulting and business development for entrepreneurs, marketing, application advertising and public relations, UI/UX design, user interfaces and more.

Our company has a unique advantage in marketing and application development, a rapidly developing field worldwide and of course in Israel. This advantage is expressed by the professional team we have created that includes marketing, business developers, user interface, graphics and leading programmers.

Shay Goldberg

shay goldberg

Mr. Wolf (Creative Director)

From brainstorming with the customer and the specifications phase through managing product development and up to the successful delivery of the product, Shay manages all the company’s design and development processes.

Graduating Industrial Design (cum laude) at the Holon Institute of Technology H.I.T, Shay has a great deal of experience in design and development processes in many diverse fields.

Shay’s designs are sold in stores worldwide and displayed at international design exhibitions.

Shay specializes in product specification with an emphasis on UI/UX design, the all-important user interface experience.

As the company’s Creative Director, Shay leads the think tank and task teams, oversees the specification process and leads the design and development teams.

Ori Segal

ori segal

App Guru (CEO)

As the application “Guru” of Israel, Ori has a permanent spot on TV, radio, and leading Web news sites that deal in application issues.

Ori is a communication and business administration graduate. For eight years Ori held the positions of Director of Business Development and Director of “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition at Israel’s largest accounting firm, “Ernst & Young”. Ori has personal experience in founding and managing start-up companies.

Over the years, Ori has worked with the managers of many of the leading companies in the Israeli economy, with the general managers and people of senior positions in public and private companies, with entrepreneurs, businessmen, attorneys, investors, venture capital fund managers, with patent offices and senior academics.

Ori also lectures at leading Israeli universities and colleges.

Roman Slutsky


The Brains (CTO)

Graduate (honors) of the prestigious IDF ‘Mamram’ technological unit.

Programming course guide, development team leader & certified system analyst.

Highly experienced web, mobile and software developer with over 10 years experience in complex systems.