Collaboration with the RAD company produced unique tools that improved the everyday experience of RAD’s field representatives. By implementing iApps’ 3D technology, we created a groundbreaking, tangible digital catalog including animations and automations. This enabled company representatives, both local and abroad, to present a significantly upgraded and detailed demonstrations of the company’s products.


iGetIt is based on a vision of a world without language barriers, a world where users fully converse in different languages. Using the iGetIt’s unique design and friendly interface, users can now send messages anywhere in the world, automatically bridging the language gap.


Together with ‘Yes’ cable TV company and the ״Kofiko״ brand name, we created a sweeping and interactive app named “Kofiko the photographer”.

By developing 2nd Screen technology and combining it with iApps’ 3D scanner, fans of the “Kofiko” series can now enjoy their original favourite character with unique 3D models that jump out from the TV into their mobile devices.


GroupUs is a trendy social network that lets you connect groups of friends having a common interest. The application allows you to integrate with existing groups or create a new social framework: cycling, hiking, poker games and more.




iApps, in full cooperation with EarlySense, Israel’s leading “Internet of Things” company, is working on developing the future of IOT.


The GroupGreeting application lets you create amazing group greetings for any occasion. The innovative interface allows you to build a digital calendar of greetings to which you can add greetings from anywhere in the world. The greetings calendar can be viewed in a Smartphone and projected onto a screen during an event.


“Internet of Things” is the ״next big thing”. New innovative technology will enhance our life experience by enabling us to connect and interact with external devices and sensors. The Valiber app is the first instrument to measure sweetness. Results are displayed on the user’s smartphone via a our application.


In Israel, tens of thousands of elderly people are prone to fall on any given day. The”Milbat” non-profit organization has launched a unique application dedicated to improve the quality of life of the elderly population by using step-by-step instructions to enhance the level of home safety. The app is designed for family members, professionals, students of welfare and volunteers involved with the elderly.


This is the official Soroka Medical Center application developed for use by the general public. The app includes orientation in the Medical Center, engaging content, health news and articles on new research.

Weizmann Institute of Technology

iApps developed an internal application for the Weizmann Institute of Technology to help streamline the Institute’s day-to-day activities. The application includes a contacts interface, orientation on the institute map, digital bulletin board, events schedule, restaurants’ daily menu, hotlines and more.


The BabyApp application allows interactive online tracking of a baby’s growth and development. The app is a practical monitoring tool for managing the baby’s health, immunization program and maintaining medical records.

Reading Psalms

The ״Reading Psalms״ app is a meeting between religion and technology, thus enabling the biblical command to read the complete Book of Psalms. The application creates a social network based on reading the Psalms. The app divides the Psalms into chapters, enabling Jews around the world to read Psalms together, online.


The FitsMe application offers an innovative interface for making decisions, both large and small, by using the wisdom of the crowd. Users share their deliberations with the mass using 2 images. The intuitive interface helps the users track their results in real time.

Israeli Mapped in NY

Together with Mr. Guy Franklin (NY), iApps developed the Israeli Mapped in NY application. The app connects the community of Israeli startups in New York and serves as a platform for entrepreneurs while presenting the Israeli approach to the world.

Visit the site: http://www.israelimappedinny.com

Open i

The Open i system is a revolutionary and innovative emergency application. The app allows the user to get help quickly by sending a distress message, including exact coordinates and pictures, to inform selected contacts.