Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors Event Season 2 is back!


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Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors Event Season 2 is back!

In this event, if you win a rock-paper-scissors match against a friend, you’ll receive a random gift of either domestic stocks or US stocks.
Don’t worry if you already participated in Season 1, you can still win rewards in this season!

However, be aware that you only get rewarded once, no matter how many times you win.
To participate, you’ll need a Toss Securities account, and you can only have one match per friend.

To invite a friend, create an invitation link and send it to them. After they accept the challenge, the rock-paper-scissors game will start, or you can start it by visiting their invitation link.

The stock gift will be provided by Toss Securities within 7 business days. Enjoy the fun matches and claim your rewards with friends!

Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors Event Season 2 Prizes:
You can win from a minimum of 10 KRW up to 10 million KRW.

Participating in the Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors Event:
You can join the event using an invitation code or by clicking on the Toss Securities event banner.

In case you don’t have anyone to challenge, feel free to use the Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors challenge request link below.

How to participate in Toss Securities Rock-Paper-Scissors challenge:

1. Copy the invitation link
2. Click on the “Send Duel Invitation to Friend” button
3. Share it via KakaoTalk
4. The challenge is complete when your friend accepts it!

I won 400 KRW worth of Tesla shares after about 20 rounds.
The legendary Rock-Paper-Scissors item grants a 2x winning chance against other Toss Securities members.
However, after the initial reward, further wins will not yield significant gains.

Random stocks according to prize win:
Stocks ranging from a minimum of 10 KRW up to 10 million KRW.

Important notes and disclaimers:

– Domestic Stocks trade fee: 0.015% | Overseas Stocks trade fee: 0.1% (till June 2023, extensible) or 0.25% (from July 2023)
– Taxes and costs paid by customers
– Financial regulations, TAF, and SEC fees may apply
– Exchange fees: 0.05% during trading hours, 0.5% during off-hours, weekends, and holidays, based on a 1% spread on the exchange rate.

This event is for adults living in Korea. Minors, overseas Koreans, and foreigners cannot participate.
Please be aware that some restrictions may apply and the event may change or terminate without prior notice.

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