We decided to open a bank account at Woori Bank to cultivate the habit of saving.


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We decided to open a bank account at Woori Bank to cultivate the habit of saving.

Usually, personal accounts can be issued online, but baby accounts have limited online issuance.

Therefore, they can be issued offline.

✅Documents and materials required for opening an account for minors when parents visit the bank: 1. Identification document (resident registration card or driver’s license) 2. (Child basis) family relationship certificate – [Mobile issuance available] 3. (Child basis) Basic certificate (detailed or specific) [Mobile issuance available] 3. Transaction stamp for the bank

Family relationship certificates and basic certificates can be issued mobile and submitted as electronic certificates. See below for instructions on how to use it.

How to issue and submit family relationship certificates and basic certificates on mobile

I chose Woori Bank because I thought the child would like it if I made a Pinkfong account.



How to make a Woori Bank Pinkfong baby account and review

1. Visit Woori Bank with the required documents

There aren’t many people here, I was alone.

핑크퐁 아기통장

2. Send the electronic certificate through the app

After consultation, the certificate is sent via the KakaoTalk app for online submission.


3. Enter the electronic document number

After submitting, enter the electronic document number.

우리은행 아기통장

4. Complete various document work and open an account

It took more than an hour to open an account, there are so many consent forms and written documents.

We recommend that you set aside enough time to go.

I applied for a subscription account & deposit-withdrawal account & deposit-withdrawal card & internet banking.

✅Notes 1. If you are under 14 years old, you can only get a deposit-withdrawal card, not a check card. (A commission of KRW 2,000 is charged for issuing.) 2. If you make a subscription account, it is recognized up to 24 times when you are a minor, so you don’t have to make it, and we recommend that you make it in the year you turn 18. 3. If you make an internet banking card, you can log in to the app and make electronic transactions.

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