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Application Development – a Window of Opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Companies


iApps Technologies specializes in server-side application development, Native iOS and Android.
A Winning Team with Over 500 published apps, we provide a comprehensive solution for our clients – from concept, through design and application development to app launch and marketing to the target audience.

Our professional staff includes developers for the various platforms, UI/UX professionals, graphic designers, professional business developers and marketing media to expose the application to local and global audiences.

As Israel’s leading company for mobile application development, we have successfully developed applications for entrepreneurs and companies in Israel and abroad.


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Among Our Clients

Among our clients


iApps Technologies was founded in 2005 with a vision of technological leadership. In 2008 we established one of the first teams in the country dedicated to application development.

Today iApps Technologies is a groundbreaking company specializing in the “Internet of Things”. As the leading company in Israel in application development, iApps Technologies has some of the most innovative and advanced projects in the fields of development/analysis/marketing.

With experience gained from developing and launching over 500 iPhone and Android applications, we are the address for you.

By having over 9 years of experience in business development and leading the annual “Entrepreneur of the Year” competition held by ‘Ernst & Young Israel’, Ori Segal, General Manager of iApps Technologies, is the Israeli “Guru of Applications”.

What We Do

iApps Technologies leads the field of application development in Israel.

Application development is the “hot topic” in the world of technology. Many commercial companies compete to be the first to present their customers with various and unique applications enabling them to communicate with their clients anytime, anywhere.

As a company with an unprecedented business development background, we accompany the customer throughout the development process, from entrepreneurial concept to public launching.

There are many different ways to market and advertise the app after the launch. We will accompany you through all the steps necessary to promote the application, exposing it to the target audience and maximize your revenue.

iApps Technologies offers the entire spectrum of services for the entrepreneur/company: specifications, pricing, design, development, QA testing, marketing, statistics, updating and upgrading.