Chat GPT ai Artificial Intelligence ai Chatbot Free Use and Review


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Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot that has been a hot topic recently. It is said that it searches for information that is not just a chatbot and processes natural language to answer questions.It’s said that there are more than 1 million users in just 5 days since its launch.
Then let’s find out how to sign up and use chat GPT.


What is Chat GPT?

It is an artificial intelligence chatbot specializing in conversation developed by OpenAI (, and is a service that allows users to share conversations accordingly when they enter text in a conversation window. Developer Open AI is well known as an artificial intelligence research foundation that introduced ▷ artificial intelligence language model ‘GPT-3’ (GPT-3) ▷ artificial intelligence ‘DALL-E2) ▷ multilingual voice recognition artificial intelligence ‘Whisper’.

ChatGPT is based on the ‘GPT-3.5’ language technology, a large-scale language prediction model created by OpenAI, which can generate text by predicting what text is next when given. Since the launch of GPT-1 in 2018, OpenAI has been making progress by increasing its version from GPT-2 in 2019 to GPT-3 in 2020.

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ChatGPTai Artificial Intelligence ai Chatbot Free Use and Review

1. Access to chat GPT site

Access the chat GPT site below and click TRY CHATGPT.

2. Chat GPT membership registration

If you get the message below, sign up with [Sign up].

Welcome to ChatGPT Log in with your OpenAl account to continue

2. 회원가입
You can sign up for membership through email, Google account, and Bing account.
2. 회원가입2

3. Enable chat GPT chat window

Once you have signed up, the chat window has been activated.
Shall we ask questions in the chat room?
3. 채팅창 활성화

4. Chat with GPT Chatbot

If you type hello in the chat window, the chatbot will answer.Shall we ask a variety of questions now?


  • IT questions

Q. When will Apple Pay be released in Korea?

????chat GPT Answer
Apple Pay is already being offered in Korea. Apple Pay is a service that allows Apple’s fingerprint recognition technology, Touch ID, or Face ID, a biometric technology, to recognize fingerprints or faces, not cards, on Apple devices, and pay directly. Devices that can use Apple Pay include Apple’s smartphones, watches, tablet computers, and computers. In addition, some affiliated stores can use Apple Pay instead of using their own card. To use Apple Pay, you need an Apple account, and you need a smartphone with fingerprint recognition or a watch with biometric recognition. Also, you must have an additional card or account that you can use.


Q. Q. What’s the latest version of Android?

????chat GPT Answer
The latest version of the Android operating system is not known exactly. This is because the Android operating system is constantly being updated. However, if you want to know the latest version of the Android operating system, you can check the operating system information in the settings app on your smartphone, check the Android manufacturer’s website, or find the latest information on the Internet. The latest version of the Android operating system is commonly called Android 11. However, please note that there may be differences depending on the manufacturer and operating system version of the smartphone.



  • a social question

Q. What about the Korean president?

????chat GPT Answer
The president of South Korea is Kim Moo-sung. President Kim Moo-sung has been in office since February 25, 2022. President Kim Moo-sung is a politician belonging to the People’s Party, and he was generally appointed and inaugurated by the former minister. President Kim Moo-sung has experience and expertise in politics and focuses on policymaking and implementation in various areas, including national economic growth and job creation, political reform, and foreign and security policies. As president of the people, President Kim Moo-sung is a major leader of freedom in establishing and implementing national policies such as politics, economy, society, and culture.


Q. When will the war in Russia end?

????chat GPT Answer
In many cases, the Russian war does not refer to an exact war. When it comes to war, what we generally think about is not a recent war, but a war that happened all over the world. But the wars that Russia participated in in in wars around the world are commonly referred to as the Russian War. For example, World War I or World War II across Europe could be called the Russian War. But these are already the last wars, and now they’re over.


  • Development-related code creation

Q. WordPress 1-day accessor SQL, please.


????chat GPT Answer

In order to know the number of users per day in WordPress, you need to access the WordPress database. WordPress stores the number of contacts in the active_plugins option in the wp_options table that stores the contact information. You can use the following SQL query to find out the number of users per day in WordPress.

SELECT option_value FROM wp_options WHERE option_name = 'active_plugins' ANDDATE(option_update_time) = CURDATE();




Q. Tell me the source of putting the left image in HTML.


????chat GPT Answer

To put an image on the left using HTML, you can use the code below.

<img src=”image path” alt=”image description” style=”float:left;”>

The src property of the img element specifies the path of the image, and the alt property specifies the text that is usually displayed when the image is not loaded properly. To specify the location of the image, you can specify float:left; in the style property. This aligns the image to the left, and the text next to the image is aligned around the image.

Note that if the image is located on the left, the text on the right is the image.



  • Writing a letter

Q. I had a fight with my wife today. Please write me a letter saying sorry.


????chat GPT Answer

When you fight with your wife today, you can write the following letter to express your bad and sorry feelings.

Hello, wife.

I was wrong when I fought with my wife today. I know I did wrong, and I’m so sorry. I don’t forget the love and understanding my wife gave me, and I promise to do my best to help my wife bear it when I do something wrong today. I will not forget the love my wife gave me, and I will not forget what I did wrong and do my best.




Various services are provided, but questions such as development codes are answered correctly.

I can’t answer social questions exactly.

And it’s kind of fun to see you write a letter. There’s a limit to the text, so some of them get cut off while writing.

But I think it’s the best chatbot I’ve ever used.

You should try it, too.