Why do I buy a domain (falling out domain) that will be deleted?


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Recently, I learned about Nakjang domain while studying SEO related to domain.
The fallout domain is also known as the domain to be deleted. If you purchase a domain optimized for domain history and SEO,
It is said that the index that can be exposed to the top of Google increases. Today, we will learn how to find a fallout domain and how to purchase a fallout domain reservation.

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What is a fallout domain?

Indicates a domain that is to be deleted because the domain owner did not extend the domain termination period.


Why buy a fallout domain?

As I explained above, if you purchase a domain with an old site or an existing history of portal optimization or a domain with specificity, it is often more advantageous than a new domain when you open a site and enter users.
But even a falling domain is not necessarily a good thing. When purchasing domains with harmful advertisements, gambling, and adult-linked history, it is important to watch and purchase them carefully because exposure may be excluded from the portal in the future.


How to Find a Good Fallout Domain

1. Domains with a high domain (DA) index

Although it is not Google’s official index, you can check the domain index at some of the famous site analysis tools. Representative sites include Moz, Ahref, and Semrush.


2. If the domain has been used for a long time

If the domain history is old, Google gives a higher score. Therefore, even if the site traffic is not high, it is better to purchase and use an older domain than if you are issuing a new one.


3. If you are exposed to a lot of domain search in Google

Site: When you search by domain address, you can see that it is more optimized for SEO if there are more pages.


4. If there is an appropriate backlink and low spam index

In order to be exposed to the top of Google SEO, if the site backlink is optimized, it may be exposed to the top of other sites.
If there are a lot of backlinks indiscriminately exposed, it may be blocked as a spam site, so it is recommended to refer to this and purchase it.

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